Halloween Mystery Fibers 2021

Posted by Cassandra McMurry on

For the 2021 Halloween Mystery Advent box, I focused on Halloween movies and characters. I tried to keep them less on the scary side and more on the family friendly side. I also tried to keep them on the more unfamiliar side versus using the typical Halloween characters. 

For day 1, I used a character from a  classic Disney movie, Haunted Mansion, Madame Leota. She is a supernatural psychic. She is basically a head in a crystal ball. The brilliant greens and reds and browns of her character struck me as very powerful and earthy colors, just like fall brings to us. "Madame Leota" is a combination of Falkland, Merino, Firestar, and mulberry silk.

Day 2 was inspired by some cute table decorations for a Halloween party. I love these because they are made on spinning wheel bobbins. Perfect inspirations for an advent box! A nice blend of merino, Lincoln, and firestar.

Day 3 came from one of my favorite Halloween movies. The fall decorations on the house around the town are the perfect touch for this witchy good tale! 

Let's not forget the fall and Halloween colors with the rich red, browns and oranges. This one is one of my favorite blends with merino, camel, touches of mulberry silk, merino d'Arles, and some Falkland to round out the blend and add some texture.


Day 4, from one of my absolute favorite family movies that isn't necessarily a Halloween movie, but one that covers all holidays, Rise of the Guardians. Nightmare is one of the best villans with his sneaky ways and amazing minions. He is dark and powerful like this blend of merino, Wensleydale, Ile De France, Angelina, and silk.

Day 5, 6 and 7 reveals will be released shortly! I hope you are enjoying the blends so far!


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