May Spinning Box Inspiration

Posted by Cassandra McMurry on

For my Spinning Box inspiration, I found this wonderful picture by Jacob Maris of a little girl feeding chickens. When I was really little, maybe 5 or 6 years old, I would spend time with my great aunt and uncle on their mini farm. Uncle Lester would take me outside to help him feed the chickens and laugh when I would run across the yard shrieking because one got to close or pecked my foot. I was a city girl who desperately wanted to be on the farm. 

A while back Uncle Lester had a stroke. He couldn't speak. I hadn't been out to the farm in probably 10 years or more. It had been long enough that I couldn't remember feeding the chickens, just the house I had visited as a child. Uncle Lester couldn't remember some of the other family members either, just his immediate family. But when I walked in the door with my dad, Lester's face lit up! He started making a throwing motion, like he was spreading something out. Aunt Betty kept asking him what was wrong. He shook his head and pointed at me. Then he went back to his throwing motion. Aunt Betty covered her mouth and a few tears snuck out. She said, "He remembers. He remembers you as a child feeding the chickens with him." Uncle Lester nodded his head and clapped his hands. I never realized how much our time together meant to him. I was honored and proud that he remembered me. He passed shortly after this, but I will always remember this day. 


In honor of Uncle Lester, code Lester will get you 20% off your purchase until June 16th, 2019. 


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