Mystery Fiber Box

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Blends will be made of many different types of fibers each month, but they will all fit a theme. Orders will close the 15th of the prior month so they can be shipped on the 1st business day of that month. For example- Subscriptions for March's Box will close February 15th and be shipped March 1st. 

You can also pick the size of your box!

The Mouse Box is 4- one ounce samples. The colors in the blend will be a little more broken up in the box.

The Dog Box is 2- four ounce samples. You can mix preps if you'd like.

The Elephant Box is a little on the hefty side! It contains 1 pound of fiber! 

The Whale Box is a whopper! It contains 2 pounds of fiber. 


Some examples of fibers that you may find in your blends- South African, Romney, Bamboo, Faux Cashmere, Falkland, Merino, Targee, Mohair, Camel, Banana, Silk Thrums, and More! 


Buy one box or get on the monthly subscription plan to be billed each month so you never miss out on a box!

Teaser videos will be posted on the Facebook group and YouTube Page. 

And while the fiber is the main focus of the box, there will be extra little goodies and accessories added in. 

For 2019- the theme is The Great Outdoors